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Rain halts Australia's drive for Ashes victory in Perth

Seemingly only rain can stop Australia reclaiming the Ashes in Perth, with the hosts in a position of immense strength having taken four English wickets on day four at the WACA.

'Poor timing': Ribbons for sex abuse victims cut down by Catholic parishioners

Ballarat Catholic Diocese Vicar-General Father Justin Driscoll defends the decision to cut hundreds of brightly coloured ribbons off the fence at St Patrick's Cathedral.

Sydney man charged for allegedly working for North Korea

The Australian Federal Police charge a 59-year-old Sydney man for allegedly working for North Korea.

Household electricity looks set to get cheaper from mid-2018

The Australian Energy Market Commission says power prices are expected to fall across Australia over the next two years, offsetting this year's price increase.

Grattan: Bennelong brings Turnbull a prized Lego piece — but he still has to build the set

Malcolm Turnbull ends the year on as much of a high as possible for a leader who has lost 24 consecutive Newspolls, Michelle Grattan writes.

Melbourne Lord Mayor stands aside over 'abhorrent' allegations

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says he will stand aside temporarily over unspecified abhorrent allegations.

Reinvigorated Government renews High Court referral threat to Labor, crossbench MPs

Buoyed by its victory in the Bennelong by-election, the Turnbull Government again threatens to refer to the High Court any MPs with a serious case to answer over their citizenship.

Pentagon admits to running a secret multi-million-dollar UFO program

The US Defence Department says until 2012, it ran a hush-hush $22 million program to investigate unidentified flying objects.

Rodrigo Duterte says he supports same-sex marriage

The Philippines President tells a group of LGBT people he supports same-sex marriage if that will add to your happiness.

Alarm over reports US health agency forbidden from using words like 'fetus' and 'transgender'

Reports of language censorship at the country's top public health agency are alarming some experts.


Photosynthesis before oxygen may have kept the early Earth warm

Knowing how early life influenced the atmosphere may helps us find signs elsewhere.

Ars Technica System Guide: December 2017

Don't look now: Our long-running System Guide building series has returned for 2017.

Dr. Seuss and Star Trek mashup comic isn’t fair use after all, judge says

Case could turn on whether Boldly is a parody or an homage.

Bitcoin jumps another 10 percent in 24 hours to pass $19,000

Bitcoin’s price is a bubble, 80 percent of Wall Street experts told CNBC.

Local Roots: Farm-in-a-box coming to a distribution center near you

Ars checks out shipping-container farming that’s said to have price parity with farms.

California: Here’s how to handle unfounded fears of cell phone cancer

There’s still no solid evidence that cell phones pose any risk.

Meet the legislator trying to do something about video game loot boxes

Hawaii’s Chris Lee wants to protect minors from “psychological manipulation”

Review: The Stelvio is Alfa Romeo to the very core

It looks like a crossover but drives like a sporty sedan.

Stealth turns 40: Looking back at the first flight of Have Blue

The forerunner of the F-117 Stealth Fighter flew for the first time 40 years ago this month.

New letter: Top Uber officials engaged in illegal wiretapping, shady spycraft

A top Uber lawyer instructed that "double-secret A/C priv" be written on a document.


CIA 'helped stop Russia terror attack'

The CIA helped Russia foil a planned terror attack on a St Petersburg cathedral, Russian media say.

Casualties in Pakistan church attack

Gunfire and an explosion at a Methodist church in Quetta has killed a number of people.

French sailor sets round-the-world record

François Gabart is welcomed home after breaking the record for fastest solo lap around the world.

UK diplomat found murdered in Lebanon

British diplomat Rebecca Dykes, who worked at the UK embassy in Beirut, has been found murdered, police say.

US secret UFO programme revealed

US media reports say documents from the operation describe strange aircrafts and hovering objects.

Harry's jokey warm-up for Obama interview

Barack Obama prepares for his Today programme interview with Prince Harry.

Russia probe has 'thousands of emails'

Special counsel Mueller reportedly has tens of thousands of records from the Trump transition team.

Billionaire's family attack death reports

Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead at their home in Toronto, Canada, in unclear circumstances.

Does the US need more minority gun clubs?

Meet Samantha Sorillo of Miami, the woman who is backing African-American gun clubs.

Australia charges 'North Korean agent'

Chan Han Choi, 59, from Sydney, was arrested and charged with breaching sanctions and weapons laws.


Brussels probes Ikea in tax avoidance crackdown

Catalan election: capturing the middle ground

As the region heads to the polls, its rift with central government remains deep. But there is optimism moderates can help heal the wounds

Voting begins in knife-edge ANC leadership contest

Contest to replace Zuma as leader of South Africa’s ruling party is too close to call

Far-right Freedom party enters Austrian government

Pro-Putin group takes defence, interior and foreign posts in coalition deal

Gemalto accepts Thales €4.8bn cash offer

All-French deal follows rejection of bid by Atos for struggling digital company

Bitcoin ETF providers see new hope for approval

Fund managers seek U-turn by regulators after start of cryptocurrency futures trading

Why Big Tech wants to keep the net neutral

Sorry is the hardest word for sexual harassers

Cameron takes senior role in China fund

Trump to accuse China of ‘economic aggression’

President’s national security strategy to highlight frustration over trade concerns


Modes, Medians and Means: A Unifying Perspective


ipynb_playground - Various ipython notebooks State management and more for turn based games

react redux nodejs boardgame

Internet Chemotherapy

Matrices from a geometric perspective

Why Little Kids in Japan Are So Independent

In Japan, small children take the subway and run errands alone, no parent in sight. The reason why has more to do with social trust than self-reliance.

German Kindergarten Campouts Test Helicopter Parents

German kindergartens don’t coddle children; they send them on camping trips called Kitafahrten for a Teutonic crash course in becoming independent.

Uproar Over Purported Ban at C.D.C. of Words Like ‘Fetus’

The Department of Health and Human Services played down a report that officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were told not to use several words in budget documents.


word2vec-spam-filter - Using word vectors to classify spam messages

As crime dries up, Japan’s police hunt for things to do

There was just one fatal shooting in the whole of 2015


Carrie Fisher's 'gift' to preying producer

The Star Wars actress gave a cow tongue in a Tiffany box to teach the Hollywood producer a lesson.

Travolta Confused Red Dead Redemption

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Julie realised she had probably failed as a parent when her children were arguing what a triangle is - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

Watch Julie realised she had probably failed as a parent when her children were arguing what a triangle is GIF on Gfycat. Discover more infomercial GIFs, nocontext GIFs, wheredidthesodago GIFs on Gfycat.

Never let someone tell you that the circumstances of your birth don’t affect the outcome of your life • r/LateStageCapitalism

4750 points and 227 comments so far on reddit

Taking Star Wars to a new level

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Fox host calls FBI 'criminal cabal' - CNN Video

Fox Host Jeanine Pirro is ratcheting up the rhetoric against special counsel Robert Mueller. CNN's Brian Stelter says this is an effort to discredit Mueller's investigation.

Optical Illusion in Paris

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Modern day gentleman right there

1 Thing You Can Still Do On The Internet After Net Neutrality • r/dankmemes

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When you realize that you can make a prequel meme in lego and also add a Santa hat • r/PrequelMemes

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New life for the Paris climate deal

A flurry of meetings should help curb greenhouse-gas emissions. But the global agreement is still essential

Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election-meddling divides America

The special counsel and his team are being painted as villains

How China’s “sharp power” is muting criticism abroad

And stealthily trying to shape public opinion in its favour

Oil and gas supply disruptions ripple around the world

Tight markets and wintry weather exacerbate the problem

The Italian church is dissolving its links to the mob

The mutual tolerance of the 1970s and 1980s is at an end

Obituary: Johnny Hallyday died on December 6th

France’s answer to rock ’n’ roll was 74

Disney’s purchase of Fox’s entertainment assets is a gamble on media’s future

In ceding ground, Rupert Murdoch is “pivoting at a pivotal moment”

Donald Trump holds off hitting the Gulf carriers with sanctions

American flyers benefit from competition

What is it about “Cat Person”?

A short story in the New Yorker is encouraging honest conversations about heterosexual relationships

Ivanka Trump’s brand repositions at home, soars in Asia

This week the fashion and jewellery label opens its first bricks-and-mortar, standalone store


File Your Taxes on a Postcard? A G.O.P. Promise Marked Undeliverable

The tax bill on the cusp of being passed by Congress is not the grand simplification of the code that Republicans promised when they set out to eliminate tax breaks and cut the number of tax brackets.

The Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

President Trump has called the tax cuts a Christmas present for the entire nation, but the fine print reveals some will get nicer gifts than others.

Tax Bill Would Curb Breaks for Sexual Abuse Settlements

Companies will have to pay more in taxes if they use nondisclosure agreements, but experts say it isn’t likely to deter businesses from seeking confidentiality.

How the Republican Tax Bill Could Affect You

Want to know how the tax bill will affect you? Answer these questions to find out.

World’s Most Expensive Home? Another Bauble for a Saudi Prince

A $300 million chateau is one of a string of extravagant purchases for a prince who is cracking down on ill-gotten wealth and preaching fiscal austerity.

‘Trump, Trump, Trump!’ How a President’s Name Became a Racial Jeer

President Trump’s surname has become a racially charged taunt, or a braying assertion that the country is being taken back from forces that threaten it.

E.P.A. Contractor Has Spent Past Year Scouring the Agency for Anti-Trump Officials

A top executive has submitted at least 40 Freedom of Information Act requests targeting employees known to be questioning management at the E.P.A.

Uproar Over Purported Ban at C.D.C. of Words Like ‘Fetus’

The Department of Health and Human Services played down a report that officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were told not to use several words in budget documents.

Pakistan Church Attacked by 2 Suicide Bombers

ISIS claimed responsibility for the assault in Quetta that left at least eight dead and 30 injured, raising concerns about the security of Christians in the country.

Chile Votes in Bitterly Divisive Presidential Election

Voters will decide whether to build on President Michelle Bachelet’s agenda or give power to a right-wing billionaire and former president.


All the features I’m still getting used to on the iPhone X

Strong like, not love

New trailers: Ready Player One, Annihilation, Jessica Jones, and more

I haven't seen The Last Jedi yet (I'm going Saturday night!), but I'm excited to catch it this weekend. That's not something I would have expected two years ago: I've never been a big Star Wars...

YouTube briefly took down FCC chairman Ajit Pai

And the Electronic Frontier Foundation condemns it

A century after Arthur C. Clarke's birth, science fiction is still following his lead

Clarke was born on this day in 1917

Theater chains are terrified of MoviePass because of subscribers like me

MoviePass is radically changing the value of the theatrical film experience, but what does that mean for consumers and theater owners?

In 1952 London, 12,000 people died from smog — here's why that matters now

Clean air regulations save lives

Net neutrality is dead — what happens next?

This is just the beginning

The Last Jedi: our spoiler-free review

Looking over Rian Johnson’s middle-of-the-trilogy epic without giving away the plot

McLaren’s new million-dollar hypercar looks like a giant Matchbox toy

Fast, light, and already sold out

Tesla is prohibiting commercial drivers from using its Supercharger stations

The company is concerned about crowding at the stations


GOP, with tax bill finalized, makes its case to a skeptical public

The polling for the $1.46 trillion Republican plan has been abysmal.

After Alabama loss, Trump has ambitious plans to campaign in 2018 midterms

The strategy carries risks for a historically unpopular president and could help drive angry Democrats to the polls.

Perspective | Trump labor adviser’s plan for cutting federal compensation, potentially even paid holidays

The Trump administration’s consideration of a wage freeze for federal employees is one piece of a renewed multifront Republican push to shrink those workers’ pay, benefits and workforce. That effort has been around for years, but it now has an intellectual champion in the White House, and I don’t mean President Trump. Confidential administration information […]

‘We feel like our system was hijacked’: DEA agents say a huge opioid case ended in a whimper

Investigators wanted a $1 billion fine and criminal charges brought against McKesson. Instead, they got a $150 million fine and no charges.

Want an autograph by ‘Star Wars’ Mark Hamill? Bring the right marker and $295 in cash.

Inside the lucrative world where superfans come — with time and money — to buy a piece of the franchise

Head of Pentagon’s secret ‘UFO’ office sought to make evidence public

The chief of a little-known agency says the Pentagon failed to take his UFO investigations seriously. Then he quit.

Words banned at multiple HHS agencies include ‘diversity’ and ‘vulnerable’

Officials preparing budget documents are told to avoid certain terms.

Former guard at Nazi camp is the last remaining war collaborator ordered out of the United States. Authorities want him gone before he dies.

Lawmakers and Jewish groups have called on the White House to take action, in a race to have him face justice.

Mueller unlawfully obtained emails, Trump transition team says

Lawyer for Trump for America alleges that career GSA employees improperly provided privileged communications to Mueller team investigators.

‘I don’t feel like this is for us’: In land of large families, deep uncertainty over impact of tax overhaul

With five children and 10 percent of its income given every year to the Mormon Church, a family struggles to assess the tax plan.