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After horrific crash that killed her son, lawyers' marketers wouldn't stop calling

Susan Lowe begged telemarketing companies working on behalf of law firms to stop calling her after a head-on car crash that killed her son.

$35 billion warship announcement delayed

A long-awaited announcement on who will build the Navy's next fleet of anti-submarine warships is delayed as cabinet debates whether to include a Western Australia-based company in the $35 billion project.

Donald Trump's press secretary kicked out of restaurant

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says she was booted from a Virginia restaurant because she works for US President Donald Trump.

From 'Villages of Idiots' to tourism destination: Unshackling the mentally ill in Indonesia

An Indonesian village is shaking its infamous reputation for being a village of idiots and re-establishing itself as a tourism destination.

Game of Thrones co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie marry

Former co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie tie the knot with a church service and a celebration at a 900-year-old castle in Scotland owned by the bride's family.

I got to know a female killer and her story is more complicated than Netflix shows

She's a Netflix villain, one of the reluctant stars of its latest true crime series Evil Genius, but to me Marjorie Diehl Armstrong was a complex woman seeking understanding and an accomplice to help vindicate her.

Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul dies 13 years after brother's tragic death

Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul dies at the age of 54, 13 years after watching his brother and bandmate 'Dimebag' Darrell being shot and killed by a crazed gunman while the pair were performing onstage together.

Kroos gives Germany a second chance, but can the world champs take it?

With his marvellous free-kick, Toni Kroos gave reigning champions Germany a rare World Cup lifeline, but unless Joachim Low's squad addresses some key issues, this title defence is going nowhere.

ASX jumps to the top of the world equity tables, but can it last?

A surging US dollar helps propel the ASX ahead of the global pack in the first half of the year, but does it have the legs for the second half?

'Like lambs waiting to be killed': Uighur families stranded in Chinese 're-education camps'

Since last spring, several hundred thousand and possibly more than 1 million ethnic minorities — mostly Uighur — in Xinjiang have been interned in mass detention facilities.


Acer Chromebook Tab 10 review: Chrome OS revives Google’s tablet future

Acer made a capable tablet, but Google still has to work out kinks in Chrome OS.

How American Vandal expertly crafted a doc (that just happened to be fiction)

It takes more than 30 iPhones and access to Nana's house to make a fake doc this realistic.

Tesla fires back against alleged whistleblower: “He is nothing of the sort”

Martin Tripp, who has yet to secure a lawyer, tells Ars he stands by his comments.

Buzz Aldrin returns to Twitter, sues his son and former manager

"I told him to finish well. He doesn't listen at all."

Apple launches service program to address MacBook keyboard woes

Apple acknowledged the problems and announced a program for fixing keyboards.

Selfies show worm slithered through woman’s face for 2 weeks

After doctors yanked the worm out, she made a full recovery.

More details leak on “Snapdragon 1000,” Qualcomm’s chip for Windows 10 laptops

Design goes head to head with Intel's Y and U series Core-branded processors.

Tesla to cut nearly 20 percent of its SolarCity installation locations

Tesla says the cuts are part of a plan made public earlier this month.

Valve revamps its next controller, should make using hands in VR feel way cooler [Updated]

"Knuckles EV2" is now in devs' hands; Valve answers our questions.

Switch-hacking trolls reportedly loading pornographic profile pictures

Leaked "DevMenu" tools get around Nintendo's usual online restrictions.


Explosion rocks Zimbabwe president's rally

An explosion hits the stadium where President Mnangagwa was addressing thousands of people at a campaign rally.

Saudi women prepare for end of driving ban

Women can drive from midnight local time (21:00 GMT) but there has been a crackdown on activists.

'Imagine your child clinging to your leg'

The BBC speaks to a detained migrant who has not spoken to his daughter since they were separated.

Trump highlights victims of migrants

Mr Trump has faced worldwide backlash over the US policy of separating migrant children and parents.

Crude oil pours from derailed train in US

Around 30 train cars came off the tracks, which are thought to have been weakened by recent flooding.

Vatican sentences priest over child porn

Former diplomat Carlo Alberto Capello, who was recalled from the US, is given five years in jail.

World Cup 2018: Fifa investigates Switzerland duo over goal celebrations

Fifa opens disciplinary proceedings against Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri for their goal celebrations during Switzerland's win over Serbia.

Migrant boat stranded in angry stand-off

Malta says it will not be dictated to after Italy called on it to accept migrant rescue ship Lifeline.

World Cup 2018: Germany revive World Cup hopes with late winner over Sweden

Toni Kroos' injury-time winner against Sweden revives defending champions Germany's hopes of progressing to the last 16.

Sarah Sanders kicked out of restaurant

The US president's press secretary says she was refused service because she works for Donald Trump.


Russia backs Opec plan to pump more oil

Saudi Arabian oil minister makes it clear the kingdom has crude on tap

Donald Trump and the 1930s playbook: liberal democracy comes unstuck

Trade wars and the targeting of minority groups in the US and some EU countries have strong historical echoes

Zimbabwe’s president escapes bomb at rally

Mnangagwa was addressing Zanu-PF event in rival stronghold a month ahead of elections

Trump threatens 20% tariff on EU car imports

Shares of European carmakers fall on new risk of trade war following president’s tweet

Mifid II leads to exodus of sellside analysts

Fund managers criticise deteriorating quality of research

Erdogan faces a resurgent opposition in pivotal elections

Opinion polls show Sunday’s parliamentary and presidential polls are too close to call

Exploring Patagonia’s spectacular and vulnerable ice fields

They make for haunting, otherworldly exploration. But the great glaciers are under threat

ECJ ruling on western Sahara will affect far more than fishing

Repercussions likely for governance of the sea, Catalonia and phosphate for farming

London Culture Guide 2018

How best to enjoy a long hot summer in the capital

Walmart defies investor push to rewrite bond rules

Debt issued to fund Flipkart purchase includes controversial provisions


Codec2: A Whole Podcast on a Floppy Disk

The automatic audio post production webservice, using signal processing and machine learning techniques.

Ted Nelson struggles with uncomprehending radio interviewer (1979) [audio]

Web Assembly and Go: A look to the future

I've been watching Web Assembly with anticipation for quite some time, with the hope that it would allow me to write web applications without the typical Javascript build process.

A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer

Yes, it would be disruptive. But the potential gains are so vast that objectors could be bribed to let it happen

Feeding the gods: Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrifice in Aztec capital

Archaeologists uncover the remains of a giant rack of skulls beneath downtown Mexico City

How Jurassic Park led to the modernization of dinosaur paleontology

It led to an explosion of interest in dinosaurs, and by extension, people interested in researching them

Careers | Streak - CRM for Gmail

We're a small group of engineers dedicated to solving hard problems for email professionals.

In Praise of Maintenance (Rebroadcast) - Freakonomics

Has our culture’s obsession with innovation led us to neglect the fact that things also need to be taken care of?

NSA ‘Systematically Moving’ All Its Data to The Cloud

The National Security Agency has moved most of its mission data into the Intelligence Community GovCloud.

New study concludes that rewarding good teachers and firing bad ones accomplishes nothing



2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: Germany vs. Sweden | Fox

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'Her 2013' meets 'lost in translation 2003'


Sarah Sanders reportedly thrown out of Virginia restaurant, then the Yelp review battle began

"This administration deserves to be shamed and shunned everywhere they go,” one reviewer wrote.

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Turkey’s President Erdogan may yet be defeated

Opposition leaders have a chance of ending, or at least crimping, his increasingly autocratic rule

Some science journals that claim to peer review papers do not do so

One estimate puts the number of papers in questionable journals at 400,000

Podsnappery and its reverse

A great divide in British politics is between Mr Podsnap and his alter ego

Why America and Mexico are destined to grow even closer

Two books show that the forces driving the countries together are too strong to resist

Michel Foucault’s lessons for business

Forget McKinsey. A Gallic intellectual is the key to controlling how companies are perceived

The founder of JetBlue is about to start a new airline

But can the new carrier get off the ground?

How to stop the decline of public transport in rich countries

Co-opt the competition from Uber and other app-base firms

A lawsuit reveals how peculiar Harvard’s definition of merit is

The university’s reputation for fairness and impartiality emerges bruised

How to ensure Muhammad bin Salman’s reforms succeed

The crown prince’s boldness could transform the Arab world for the better. Failure would bring more chaos

Support for Britain’s exit from the EU is waning

By the time Brexit takes place, fewer than half of Britons will back it


Numb to Outrage, Republican Voters Feel a Deepening Bond to Trump

With the president’s approval rating at 90 percent among Republicans, many supporters say they defend Mr. Trump even with some misgivings because they feel criticism of him is constantly overblown.

President Trump, Deal Maker? Not So Fast

After 17 months in office, President Trump has yet to seal many major deals on trade, security, health care, immigration or gun control.

Sarah Sanders Was Asked to Leave Restaurant Over White House Work

The encounter, at a restaurant in Virginia, was the latest instance in which a White House official was singled out for President Trump’s policies.

Is the Border in Crisis? ‘We’re Doing Fine, Quite Frankly,’ a Border City Mayor Says

Federal data show that the immigration crisis Mr. Trump has cited the past week to justify the separation of families is actually no crisis at all.

Why Are Parents Bringing Their Children on Treacherous Treks to the U.S. Border?

President Trump hopes to deter the flow of migrants into the United States, but near the busy border crossing in Arizona, some said that the threat of separation from their children would not deter them.

On Family Separation, Federal Workers Often Agonized Over Enforcement

The bureaucracy that carried out the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy was conflicted over it.

75 Percent of Americans Say Immigration Is Good for Country, Poll Finds

Several new polls shed light on attitudes toward immigration, including a partisan divide over President Trump’s family separation policy.

What a Trade War With China Looks Like on the Front Lines

How trade disputes play out will vary depending on the product and how hard it is to find a workaround. But tariffs on more countries mean more economic risk.

Trump, Defending Immigration Policy, Laments Deaths Caused by People Who ‘Shouldn’t Be Here’

The president’s remarks, delivered with relatives of those killed by undocumented immigrants, came two days after he signed an executive order to keep together families detained at the border.

Lobsters, Small-Batch Whiskey and Trump’s Trade War

Business owners who are the targets of other nations’ retaliatory tariffs are worried now that President Trump’s offensive will wind up hurting them.


Botox for migraines: my insurance company forced me to try drugs that didn’t work

This year, I finally discovered a treatment that works for my migraines — Botox. Though the injections I get every three months are painful, they’ve been a game changer. I went from 16 to 18 migraines a month to about eight. The intensity of the pain has gone down, too. The results are so good that I find myself frustrated that I spent so many years needlessly in pain. It has to do with step therapy, a policy that forces patients across the medical field to try cheaper and sometimes less effective drugs before insurers will pay for more expensive treatments.

How Jurassic Park led to the modernization of dinosaur paleontology

Paleontologist Steve Brusatte loves Jurassic Park. Without it, he jokes, he wouldn’t even have a job. So he’s not going to criticize all the inaccuracies in the Hollywood franchise. But he’s also...

New trailers: Creed II, Searching, Tau, and more

Check out this week’s best trailers from Netflix, Sony Pictures, and more.

Apple acknowledges faulty MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards with new repair program

Apple has acknowledged that there are problems with the butterfly switches on the keyboards for the MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The company is now offering an extended four-year repair warranty to customers with problematic devices.

At this rodeo, robots enter downed planes and explore fake radioactive disasters

In the New Mexico desert, military and civilian bomb squads faced off at the 12th annual Robot Rodeo, which is a week of intense training organized by Sandia National Laboratories. To test their skills, bomb squads steered their bots to enter downed planes, explore faux-radioactive disaster sites, and climb flights of stairs.

The best phone you can buy right now

Buying a phone can be a chore, but we’ve done the work for you,

Luke Cage is the first Netflix MCU show with a strong season 2

Marvel’s connected collection of Netflix shows — Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and more — have struggled to keep their storylines relevant as they stretch past their opening seasons. But Luke Cage’s second season is a standout, as superpowered protagonist Luke (Mike Coulter) and villains Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) and Bushmaster (Mustafa Shakir) all contend with the ways their families define them.

Supreme Court decides against warrantless location searches in a major privacy decision

In a major decision on privacy in the digital age, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision today that police must obtain a warrant to obtain location information from cellphone towers.

Walmart will begin selling an exclusive monthly DC comic anthology in July

DC will begin releasing an exclusive, monthly anthology comic series in Walmarts across the United States next month. The 100-page comics will include a mix of original and reprinted material.

Teardown shows inner workings of the Vivo Nex’s pop-up selfie camera

Chinese smartphone makers have gone down a clever new path to get rid of the display notch and create a truly edge-to-edge screen: they’re now building pop-up cameras into their phones. Here’s a teardown showing how Vivo is doing it.


Trump, stumping in Nevada, makes immigration a central midterms issue for GOP

President says Democrats ‘just want to use this issue — and I like the issue for [the] election, too’

The main election strategy of vulnerable House Republicans: Prove they’re not Trump

Control of the House will be decided in GOP districts where voters often are more irked by the president than supportive of him.

‘Get so close — and nothing happens’: Congress’s record on immigration is repeated failures

The legislative futility has created an opening for aggressive presidents, Democratic and Republican, who have acted unilaterally in setting policy.

Mike Huckabee tweets photo comparing Nancy Pelosi’s campaign staff to MS-13 gang members

The former Arkansas governor's tweet was blasted online as racist, outrageous and just plain unfunny.

Trump’s China crackdown enjoys wide support. Here’s why that could be a problem for him.

Of all the president’s tariff threats, his targeting of the Chinese is the most popular, but if the levies actually take effect in two weeks as scheduled, the political pain will come soon after.

Her doctor said she had the flu. It took years to find the real, and strange, illness.

Many doctors know nothing about the disorder that made this woman so sick.

Why a small-town restaurant owner asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave — and would do it again

"I explained that the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation,” the Red Hen owner said after asking Trump's press secretary to leave.

Meet the Saudi women who advocated for the right to drive — and are paying dearly for it

“Were our efforts the reason the ban was lifted? Or was it a decision that had been made regardless of our struggles?”

Brief cease-fire with Taliban could be watershed moment in Afghan war

The truce made vague dreams of ending the conflict seem more tangible.

Katie Arrington, GOP lawmaker who defeated Sanford, seriously injured in car accident

Arrington, a South Carolina legislator, suffered a fracture in her back, several broken ribs and underwent major surgery. She was in critical but stable condition Saturday.