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Smith won't quit as Australian captain after confessing to ball-tampering plan

Steve Smith insists he will not resign as Australian captain after confessing his leadership group instructed Cameron Bancroft to tamper with the ball in the third Test against South Africa.

Cheating Smith has thrown Bancroft under a bus and his position is untenable

Australian cricket has endured humiliating defeats and embarrassing behavioural episodes over the years. But the ball-tampering scandal means the team will have to work to restore its reputation, writes Richard Hinds.

'Tell me this is a bad dream': Cricket greats react to ball-tampering scandal

Former cricketers slam Australian captain Steve Smith and senior players for hatching a plan to tamper with the ball during the third Test against South Africa.

Smith's future in limbo as Cricket Australia officials sent to South Africa

Cricket Australia will not yet make a decision on Steve Smith's future as Australia captain following the ball-tampering scandal, as it announces it will send officials to South Africa to investigate the incident.

Thousands demand tighter gun laws in US rallies

Tens of thousands of Americans gather across the country at rallies to demand tighter gun laws.

Australia's 'most expensive' building facing 'major rebuild'

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital has already cost taxpayers $2.3 billion, but SA's new government says part of the emergency department may need to be rebuilt because of design flaws.

'Don't try this at home': Kayaker makes 20m drop at dangerous Dangar Falls

An Australian kayaker plunges more than 20 metres in a daring, hold-your-breath drop down the Dangar Falls in NSW, in the first known paddle of the famous waterfall.

I wanted a personal insight into US gun culture, so I learned how to fire an AR-15

North America correspondent Zoe Daniel learns how to shoot an AR-15 to gain a personal insight into US gun culture.

Kokkinakis stuns Federer with upset win in Miami

Thanasi Kokkinakis causes a major boilover as he beats Roger Federer in Miami to claim the biggest scalp of his young career.

Chinese space station predicted to crash somewhere on Earth around Easter

Space experts predict the Tiangong-1 space station or 'Heavenly Palace' will turn into a spectacular fireball as it enters Earth's atmosphere sometime during the Easter long weekend


Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones

Maybe check your data archive to see if Facebook’s algorithms know who you called.

Sea of Thieves makes a weak, meandering first impression

A pirate’s life is full of fetch quests and unsatisfying raids.

Sticking to your diet? This tooth-mounted food sensor could transmit the truth

The device can transmit data on sugar, salt, and alcohol.

NBA Jam, Sonic 1, Ultima Online remembered with rare stories, concept art

New stories about bomber pilots, unearthed photos of Ken Griffey Jr., and crazy EPROMs.

The Mac gaming console time has forgot

From the new book, The Secret History of Mac Gaming, remember Project Pippin?

Leaked data suggests Uber self-driving car program may be way behind Waymo [updated]

Uber’s self-driving cars need help from a human driver every 13 miles.

Spirit Island review: Finally, an anti-colonialist board game

Like Pandemic, but people are the disease.

Nine Iranians indicted by US for hacking to steal research data

"Password spraying" attack gave Mabna group access to 32TB of diverse research data.

Cambridge Analytica’s London offices raided by British investigators

CEO: "Data had been obtained in line with Facebook’s terms of service."

Tumblr finally names the 84 accounts it says were Russian trolls

Tumblr says it "helped indict 13 people who worked for" Internet Research Agency.


US set for mass rallies on gun control

March For Our Lives events are being held nationwide, with hundreds of thousands expected to protest.

'Our message to the world is...'

Tens of thousands of people protested in Washington over gun laws. What was their message to the rest of the world?

Survivors of 2012 massacre join protest

Just children when a gunman opened fire at their school, they came to Washington to protest.

Jet makes history on flight from Australia

The first non-stop flight between the two countries is due to arrive in London on Sunday morning.

Ball-tampering: Cricket Australia launches investigation, Steve Smith remains captain

Cricket Australia begins an investigation into the ball-tampering scandal, while Steve Smith remains as captain for now.

Parkland survivor: 'Fight for your life'

Emma Gonzalez demonstrated the power of silence during her impassioned speech at the March For Our Lives.

Who sent the bomb that killed this newlywed man?

He was murdered five days after his wedding - and police have no idea who could have wanted him dead.

Eurovision's 'first lady' dies aged 94

Swiss singer Lys Assia took the prize in 1956 and remained a life-long ambassador for the contest.

'Streaming services are too similar'

Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine says streaming services need to diversify to survive.

French police 'hero' dies of wounds

A French police officer who swapped places with a hostage in a supermarket siege dies of his injuries.


US protesters lead call for stricter gun controls

Expat Russians fear cold front in ‘Londongrad’

Rich settlers, bankers and property developers all left exposed to fallout from Skripal case

US stocks suffer worst week in more than two years

All major benchmarks post biggest declines since week of January 8 on political upheaval

Facebook loses Tesla and SpaceX over data furore

Five Star and League agree to elect speakers of parliament

Deal points to better relations but parties say it will not affect wider government talks

Naspers profits from the savviest bet in tech

Party-giving is an extreme sport. Here’s how to do it well

Anti-social network: Facebook bids to rebuild trust

Genetics and the truth about selective schools

Government policy is favouring children who already have a head start

Police officer dies of wounds following French siege

Senior commander volunteered to take hostage’s place in supermarket attack


Fred's ImageMagick Scripts

Fred's ImageMagick Scripts

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones

Maybe check your data archive to see if Facebook’s algorithms know who you called.

Post-SESTA/FOSTA Self-Censoring for Twitter, Reddit, and other Social Media

In the immediate aftermath of SESTA/FOSTA passing, before it’s even been signed into law, we’re already seeing discussion of sex work on the internet hit.

Facebook was warned about app permissions in 2011

Who’s to blame for the leaking of 50 million Facebook users’ data? Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke several days of silence in the face of a raging privacy storm to go on CNN this week to say he was sorry. He also admitted the company had made mistakes; said it had breache…

Fediverse Wiki

Fediverse Wiki

US Military Scientists Are Building a Laser Cannon That Shoots Disembodied Voices

The experimental system uses two lasers to generate light, sound, and heat and could be useful for crowd control or other functions.

Newsgroups: I Made a Difference

In 2013, I had the idea of making a newsgroup search engine. All I had to do was download all newsgroup postings and index them. Well I wro...

How to find things to work on? Look for the duct tape

Group Normalization

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica problems are nothing compared to what’s coming for all of online publishing

Let’s start with Facebook’s Surveillance Machine, by Zeynep Tufekci in last Monday’s New York Times. Among other things (all correct), Zeynep explains that “Facebook makes m…


Kurtis Downs lands an amazing trick at the Nitro World Games


The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber temporarily crosses paths with the moon during a rare appearance at the Melbourne Air and Space Show.


Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones

Maybe check your data archive to see if Facebook’s algorithms know who you called.

Elephant looks like he's auditioning for a shampoo commercial • r/pics

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Police spies helped create employee ‘blacklist’ for UK companies, force admits

Workers who complained of safety violations were reported by police spies and prevented from getting another job in the construction industry, an investigation has uncovered.

While the Nation Protested Gun Violence, Trump Went Golfing and Pence Tweeted About a Movie

As thousands showed their support for the March for Our Lives, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s silence on the issue remained deafening.

Dog being wholesome

The Witch's Den


My friend :why would you need a 3d printer. Me: • r/gaming

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Cat in stained glass window.



Why Stormy Daniels is so dangerous

She matches the president in many ways, and trumps him in some

Egypt’s choice: President Sisi, or a man who adores him

After his inevitable re-election, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi should at least respect the constitution

Corporate citizens of somewhere

A golden age of companies having fistfuls of different passports is over

Students lead a vast protest against gun violence

A rally in Washington, DC organised by the student-survivors of a shooting in Florida, was one of several hundred around the world

Another jihadist killer strikes in France

The attacker murdered three people and took hostages before being shot by police

Britain pulls off a diplomatic coup against Russia at the EU

After Brexit, it will be a lot harder

H.R. McMaster out, John Bolton in

Why Donald Trump has made a war hawk his national security adviser

Donald Trump launches attack on Chinese trade

Tariffs will hurt America too

What is Disease X?

The WHO has created a name for a disease that may not even exist

Why do we swear?


Students Lead Huge Rallies for Gun Control Across the U.S.

The young people, as they seized the nation’s attention, vowed that their grief about school shootings and their frustration with adults’ inaction would power a new generation of activism.

March for Our Lives Updates: Chants of ‘Enough Is Enough’ at Huge Rallies on Guns

Hundreds of thousands of protesters, outraged by a recent school shooting and energized by the student survivors, spilled out to protest in Washington and around the world, calling for an end to gun violence.

Demonstrators Who Brought Guns and an Opposing Message: ‘Shoot Back’

Supporters of the Second Amendment gathered at state capitals and in city centers on Saturday, hoping to counter hundreds of thousands who rallied for stricter gun laws.

For Parkland Students, a Surreal Journey From ‘Normal’ to a Worldwide March

Little is ordinary for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who arrived in Washington Saturday to protest gun violence with huge crowds.

At Rallies, Students With a Different View of Gun Violence: As Urban Reality

The protests in Washington and Chicago drew young people for whom the anguish of shootings feels different: The bloodshed comes not in isolated bursts of mass slaughter, but instead in a ceaseless rhythm.

Photos From the ‘March for Our Lives’ Protests Around the World

Crowds are gathering in cities across the United States and around the world.

‘America First’ Bears a New Threat: Military Force

Not since the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, have key national security leaders so publicly raised the threat of armed confrontation if foreign adversaries do not meet America’s demands.

As Ties With Mexico Fray, Kushner Works Quietly to Mend Them

Allies of Jared Kushner and Mexican officials say he has worked, with some success, to preserve a relationship that has been corroded by President Trump’s clashes with his Mexican counterpart.

How Calls for Privacy May Upend Business for Facebook and Google

Internet companies were built on a model in which people gave up their information for free services. Now, that idea is under siege.

Timeline: Facebook and Google Under Regulators’ Glare

In 2011, the F.T.C. first required a company to create a comprehensive data privacy program for consumers. Europe will soon take another big step.


Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach is a time-travel adventure full to the brim with ideas

A sharp, optimistic time travel adventure

Elon Musk has deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages after Twitter challenge

The pages of both SpaceX and Tesla are now inactive, which each had around 2.6 million followers

The Oregon Trail handheld game review

Target is now selling a portable version of the classic Oregon Trail game for $25, and it’s a surprisingly fun nostalgia gadget.

Congress is giving NASA more money than it requested to build a second launch platform

Practically all of NASA’s programs get a funding boost in the new omnibus bill, and the space agency even gets money that it didn’t ask for — notably, the funds needed to build a second launch platform for its next big rocket wants.

Instagram on desktop is better than mobile, change my mind

Now, most Instagram users opt for the mobile experience, replete with its familiar motions — scroll, double tap to like, scroll, scroll. But it’s come to our attention that there’s a population of Instagram users who actually prefer the web browser version. Which one is superior? We invited our colleagues from Racked, Eliza Brooke and Alanna Okun, to settle the debate once and for all.

Steven Soderbergh’s all-iPhone movie Unsane makes a poor showing for the iPhone 7 Plus

Director Steven Soderbergh shot his new movie Unsane entirely on the iPhone 7 Plus, and he’s been touting phones as the future of moviemaking. He’s already shooting his next iPhone-only movie. But the murky, fuzzy results onscreen speak for themselves.

Chevron’s lawyer says climate change is real, and it’s your fault

In a hearing before Judge Alsup in San Francisco, oil companies backed the scientific consensus that humans cause climate change

Inside the bizarre upside-down bankruptcy of Mt. Gox

By definition, bankruptcy occurs when an entity cannot pay its debts. But as of this writing, Mt. Gox has enough assets to pay off its claims with more than $1.4 billion worth of bitcoins left over. The trouble is figuring out what to do with them.

NBA testing 99-cent stream that lets you watch the final quarter of a live game

The NBA is experimenting with letting fans jump into the final moments of a game for under a dollar. This could help cut down on illegal live streams.

Morehshin Allahyari’s 3D-printed project pushes back against ‘digital colonialism’

The Iranian artist created a series of sculptures of dark goddesses


March for Our Lives: Huge crowds gather for rally against gun violence in nation’s capital

Thousands of students flooded the streets of Washington, waving signs and demanding change.

Democrats’ message at gun-control rallies: Do what the students say

Onstage and off, Democrats endorsed students and called for more gun-control bills.

Anti-gun marches planned for cities throughout the U.S., world

More than 800 “sibling marches” to the March for Our lives will happen worldwide Saturday

White House praises ‘courageous’ youths marching against gun violence, then Trump’s motorcade takes a detour

Many of the participants at the demonstrations in Washington and West Palm Beach, Fla., where the president is spending the weekend, favor tougher gun control than Trump.

NRA host taunts Parkland teens: ‘No one would know your names’ if classmates were still alive

Colion Noir has said the Parkland teens are pawns of a larger effort to destroy Second Amendment rights.

Picturing the March for Our Lives

Thousands marched in Washington to call for stricter gun-control measures.

Here's what you missed at March for Our Lives in Washington

March for Our Lives brought hundreds of thousands of people from across the nation to Washington on March 24. Here's some of what you missed.

On this day, teachers offered students lessons in support

‘We have to be very diligent in throwing our support behind our students,’ an educator said.

How Trumpism has come to define the Republican Party

The president has used legislation and unilateral actions to push ahead with a vision often at odds with GOP orthodoxy.

A Dubai shopping trip and a missed chance to capture the head of the Taliban

Some officials rue that Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was killed in 2016 and not captured when U.S. officials had a rare chance to grab him.